A Beautiful Day

Last December I saw the light of the new CD of the prestigious Molenaar Edition, where my new work San Diego is included.

The CD has the following list of tracks:

  • Fanfare for a Ceremonial, composed by Michael Geisler
  • San Diego, composed by Juan A. Pérez
  • A Beautiful Day, composed by Andreas Ludwig Schulte
  • Severi Spirit, composed by Carlos Marques
  • Fix You, composed by Coldplay and arranged by Dean Jones
  • Nexus for the Future, composed by Naoya Wada
  • Kleiner Wiener Marsch, composed by Fritz Kreisler and arranged by Willy Hautvast
  • Grieg Highlights, arranged by Wil van der Beek
  • The Great Gershwin, composed by George Gershwin and arranged by
    Wil van der Beek
  • Silent Night, arranged by Michael Geisler
  • Four Inappropriate Christmas Carols, arranged by Alastair Wheeler
  • A Social Suite, composed by Ennio Salvere
  • From Scratch, composed by Ennio Salvere

The CD has been recorded by Banda Sinfónica da Polícia de Seguranca Pública of Portugal.

You can buy the CD by clicking here

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