A Beautiful Day

Last December I saw the light of the new CD of the prestigious Molenaar Edition, where my new work San Diego is included.

The CD has the following list of tracks:

  • Fanfare for a Ceremonial, composed by Michael Geisler
  • San Diego, composed by Juan A. Pérez
  • A Beautiful Day, composed by Andreas Ludwig Schulte
  • Severi Spirit, composed by Carlos Marques
  • Fix You, composed by Coldplay and arranged by Dean Jones
  • Nexus for the Future, composed by Naoya Wada
  • Kleiner Wiener Marsch, composed by Fritz Kreisler and arranged by Willy Hautvast
  • Grieg Highlights, arranged by Wil van der Beek
  • The Great Gershwin, composed by George Gershwin and arranged by
    Wil van der Beek
  • Silent Night, arranged by Michael Geisler
  • Four Inappropriate Christmas Carols, arranged by Alastair Wheeler
  • A Social Suite, composed by Ennio Salvere
  • From Scratch, composed by Ennio Salvere

The CD has been recorded by Banda Sinfónica da Polícia de Seguranca Pública of Portugal.

You can buy the CD by clicking here

San Diego

San Diego is a warm piece as the climate of the American city by which it is inspired. The city of San Diego has been called the birthplace of California. It is divided into several movements where each one is unique: we can transport ourselves and walk through its beaches, feel the sun’s heat on our skin, the vibrations of your daily activity, your sunsets and its dreamy landscapes.

The work will be distributed by the prestigious Dutch publisher Molenaar Edition and will be released next September.

Included in the CD “A Beautiful Day”


More info: https://www.molenaar.com/web/Details.aspx?isartist=0&id=20530